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Month: March 2019

Imaginary numbers in Quantum mechanics?

Well most of us have heard that you cannot take the square root of $-1$, however, you can easily define a new number, called $i$, to be just that. In equations, $i=\sqrt{-1}$. Seems like fun, but what does it mean for the real world? Well, everything, almost. Remember the discussion about superpositions? There we said […]

A superposition

At the heart of quantum mechanics is the super awesome superposition. Pretty much all of the weirdness of quantum mechanics is due to superpositions. Ever heard of Schr√∂dingers cat? When we speak of objects, we generally classify them by their possible states. for example, a cat is either dead or alive, $|\textrm{dead}\rangle$ or $|textrm{alive}\rangle$. A […]